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Why choose QGS?

We have 2 locations worldwide, fully automated management systems, high-tech hardware and a high-performance network, the list goes on! But suffice it to say that we always made sure that you had the best service possible.

    High-tech hardware

    The hardware we use has AMD Ryzen™ overclocked to maximum clock frequency, DDR4/5 RAM and NVMe disks and 2.5Gbps network connection on each server!

    Guaranteed DDoS protection

    The network of game servers is protected from DDoS attacks, to ensure this, we provide DDoS Protection with a capacity of 12Tbps - 5Tbps (depending on the location)

    Automatic daily backups

    We provide daily automatic backups for any gameservers that are generated every 24 hours and stored for 5 days on remote backup servers.

    No overloading

    Our system monitoring and balances the load on all of our servers so you get the highest performance possible for your server.

    Control panel & access

    In our control panel can utilize text editors, MySQL database and full FTP access to configure your server manually if you choose.

    Refund policy

    We are so sure that you will like our services that we provide each customer with a seven (7) days guarantee for a full refund.

    QGS server info


The hardware we use is with processors from theAMD Ryzen™ overclocked to maximum clock frequency, DDR4/5 RAM equipped with a NVMe disks and 2.5Gbps network connection on each server for maximum performance!

DDoS protection scheme

Game Firewall

Flexible control panel

Our clients can utilize text editors and full FTP access to configure their server manually if they choose. Want a friend to help you manage your game server? No problem, simply create sub-user and give them the permissions you choose.

    QGS control panel

Our server locations

    Bulgaria Game servers
    Southeast Europe, Bulgaria
    France Game servers
    Western Europe, France
    Germany Game servers
    Central Europe, Germany

* The connectivity of your own computer to a server depends on your ISP and the connection routes utilized by your ISP. We don't have any control over that as they are a separate company. If you wish to improve your connection toward your server from your home, it would be best to discuss this with your ISP. They are the ones that can either provide you with better connection speed, or re-route the traffic of your home network to the server through alternative hops

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